Black pepper, Piper Nigrum

Promotes circulation to the skin to restore proper functioning of skin cells + Increases warmth of body and mind + relieves painful joints and sore muscles + boosts immune system 

Cedarwood, Juniperus Virginiana            

Tones and tightens skin + sedative properties relieve itchy winter skin + best for oily and acne prone skin + antispasmodic properties help to relieve painful joints + calms and balances energy 

***Geranium Rose, Pelargonium Graveolens

Detoxes sluggish and congested skin + repairs broken capillaries + balances sebum secretion of oily skin complexion + heals acne + treats eczema and dry skin conditions + anti-septic + stimulates adrenal cortex to balance hormonal system

***Grapefruit , Citrus Paradisi         

High vitamin C content boosts immune system and + detoxifying agent aids in removal of excess toxins accumulated in body + tones the skin and tissues + astringent property tightens skin + clears congested skin + uplifts mental and physical exhaustion

Jasmine, Jasminum Sambac      

Deeply relaxes + remedial in severe depression + euphoric fragrance boosts confidence + extensively used as an aphrodisiac to enhance love and romantic associations + revitalises and restores energy

Juniper, Juniperus Communis   

Relieves nervous tension and mental exhaustion + uplifts spirits + anciently regarded as an ‘all-cure’ + eases painful periods + effective for acne and oily skin

Neroli natural blend, Citrus Vulgaris      

Greatly relaxing effect on body and mind + relieves chronic anxiety and depression + aphrodisiac + uplifts spirits

***Orange, Sweet, Citrus Sinensis  

Detoxes congested skin + promotes collagen formation for younger looking skin + stimulates lymphatic system to eliminate toxins + soothes dry and irritated skin + heals acne + anti-inflammatory + tones skin

Patchouli, Pogostemon Patchouli           

Regenerates skin cells and tissues + speeds up healing of wounds + prevents scarring + relieves anxiety and depression + astringent actions tones and tightens skin + grounds and balances energy

Pomegranate seed, Punica Granatum  

Contains a high concentration of ellagic acid that is rich in anti-oxidants to prevent sun damage and wrinkle formation + contains punicic acid that reduces skin inflammation and aids in skin repair + deeply penetrating to effectively moisturize and hydrate + suitable for all skin types + promotes regeneration of skin cells to retain a youthful appearance + anti-inflammatory + improves skin elasticity and enhances skin texture + anti-ageing

Rose, natural blend, Rosa spp.  

Relieves headaches and nervous tension + harmonizes the mind + aphrodisiac + improves poor circulation + fights depression + promotes overall well-being

Sandalwood, Amyris Balsamifera            

Excellent emollient action moisturizes and hydrates skin + aids in anti-ageing + prevents scarring + relieves stress and anxiety

Vanilla, Vanilla Planifolia            

Calms and relaxes nerves + antidepressant + aphrodisiac

Vetiver, Vetiveria Zizanoides     

Relieves mental & physical exhaustion as the ‘oil of tranquillity’ + moisturisers and nourishes irritated and dehydrated skin + heals wounds + tones slack skin + stimulates new cell growth + relieves muscular aches and pains + reduces wrinkles and stretch marks

*Ylang Ylang, Cananga Odorata

Known as the ‘flower of flowers’ + suitable for all skin types + balancing and stimulating effect on skin + controls sebum secretion levels of over-dry and over-oily skin + reduces blemishes and dark spots + stimulates new cell growth + releases facial muscle tension + relieves nervous tension and anxiety + aphrodisiac

**Rooibos extract, Aspalathus Linearis     

High flavonoid content delivers powerful antioxidants and anti-ageing properties to protect and repair damaged skin + antibacterial properties heals common skin disorders + purifies and soothes skin + rich in vitamins, nutrients and minerals + natural acids (AHA’s) promote new skin cell production + beneficial for sensitive skin


Hibiscus flowers, Hisbisci Flores              

Improves flexibility and elasticity as the ‘Botox plant’ + breaks down dead skin cells and increases cell turnover + excellent moisture retainer + exfoliating + heals acne

Jasmine buds, Jasminum Sambac           

Evens out skin tone and reduces appearance of age spots + anti-ageing properties + protects against environmental damage + moisturizing + suitable for sensitive skin + anti-depressant + aphrodisiac + moisturizing + excellent healing agent + relieves muscle spasms and joint discomfort

Rose buds, Rosa Damascena     

Soothes and softens skin + moisturizers + anti-depressant + releases muscular tension + rich in vitamin C for sun protection + natural astringent tightens pores + reduces rosacea

Salt, Himalayan, Epsom + Sea 

Balances skin pH levels + deeply cleanses and detoxifies skin + gentle exfoliator + provides a rich source of trace minerals and nutrients + balances oil production + provide electrolytes which regulate and improve skin hydration + reduces inflammation + reduces muscle spasms and joint discomfort + strengthens overall body health

Sugar Cane, Sucrose

Natural acids and abrasive qualities gently exfoliate dead skin cells + increases collagen production to reveal softer skin + humectant action locks moisture in skin + regenerates skin cells to reveal a youthful appearance + prevents whiteheads and blackheads + softens dry skin


Almond oil, Prunus Dulcis           

Skin softening and soothing + relieves skin irritation and inflammation + prevents wrinkles + balances moisture content + moisturizing and conditioning + promotes a clear complexion + rich in vitamins A, B, E, Protein, Calcium, Iron and Magnesium + removes impurities and dead skin cells

**Beeswax, Cera Alba

Excellent long-lasting moisturiser and hydrator + rich in Vitamin A to support healthy cell turnover and reconstruction + anti-inflammatory action to heal wounds + softens and soothes irritated skin + hypo-allergenic + heals eczema and dermatitis + creates a film to protect skin against environmental pollutants

**Calendula oil, Calendula Officinalis       

The mother of ‘healing’ herbs + immuno-stimulant + anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic, antimicrobial and anti-fungal + astringent action tones tissue and tightens skin + extremely useful in speeding up healing process of wounds, infections and problematic skin conditions + improves blood circulation to skin cells + reduces scarring, wrinkles and age spots + excellent moisturizer for dry and chapped skin

Castor oil, Ricinus Communis    

Rich in omega fatty acids that penetrate deep into scar tissue and plump it out + heals inflamed skin + rich in ricinoleic acid that fights acne-causing bacteria + reduces blemishes by promoting growth of healthy tissue cells + stimulates the production of collagen and elastin to reduce wrinkles + smooths and softens skin + excellent moisturizer and hydrator

**Geranium Rose hydrosol, Pelargonium Graveolens       

Ideal for all skin types + balances acne prone, oily, dry and sensitive skin + balances hormones to regulate skins secretion + cools hot flashes + soothes sunburn, rosacea and rashes + regenerates skin cells + humectant action locks moisture in skin

Glycerin Vegetable, Glycerol    

Excellent humectant action locks moisture in skin + improves absorption of other active ingredients + promotes soft, supple and smooth skin

Hemp oil, Cannabis Sativa         

Maintains moisture balance + rich in essential fatty acids for healthy cell production+ anti-ageing + alleviates acne + skin softening and smoothing + reduces inflammation

**Jojoba wax, Simmondsia Chinensi           

Promotes collagen formation + excellent moisturizer + unclogs pores + draws out imbedded impurities + delivers powerful anti-oxidants, omega fatty acids and vitamins A, B, D and E + anti-inflammatory + deeply penetrating as molecular structure resembles our own skins sebum

**Rose water, Aqua Rosae             

Excellent hydrating and moisturizing properties + maintains skins pH balance + anti-inflammatory properties soothes irritated and sunburnt skin + antibacterial properties heals scars and wounds + antioxidant properties protects against sun damage + tones and tightens skin for an even complexion + revitalizing and nourishing to all skin types + clear excess oil and dirt to prevent acne

***Rosehip oil, Rosa Canina           

Anti-ageing + excellent skin rejuvenating properties + aids in skin healing and cell regeneration of damaged and environmentally distressed skin + bio-available vitamin C content promotes collagen production to increase skin elasticity + astringent action improves skin tone and texture + high Gamma Linolenic acid content helps improve skins protective capabilities to repair damaged cells + beneficial in reducing signs of ageing and wrinkle formation + successfully reduces scarring and stretch marks + rich in anti-oxidants protects against sun damage + highly moisturizing

Shea butter, Butyrospermum Parkii      

Rich in vitamin A and E to improve overall skin health + natural SPF 6 quality + anti-ageing + reduces wrinkles, blemishes, scarring and stretch marks + superior nourishing, conditioning skin moisturizing properties + anti-inflammatory action promotes wound healing and sunburn + increases natural collagen production to support softer and stronger skin