Creator and maker, Megan, drew her inspiration from nature while working on the TIKOLOGO permaculture project. From her humble beginnings as an enthusiastic herb grower, combined with a background in design and an obsession for natural self-sufficiency, she skilfully captured the scent, texture and colour of artfully composed and curative elements into the MERAKI Botanical Skincare range. 

Megan is not a qualified aromatherapist, nor a botanist and in no way a dermatologist - she is a Gardener! And well... her garden is her teacher. She is self taught in natural skincare and has with a wealth of books and resources that has guided her through her experiments and the formulating of MERAKI products.  She aspires to one day get a qualification in Herbal Medicine in anticipation of the needs of our future conditions.

The MERAKI studio is located in the Groot Marico district of SA, on the permaculture site of Tikologo. The studio is home-based and covers a total of 5 sq meters, yup that's it - small yet sophisticated. She believes that skincare, and the creation therof, be as simple as having 1 traditional recipe, 2 sets of spoons, 3 natural ingredients and done. 

All products are handmade with MERAKI – love, soul and creativity.